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Santa Clara Valley Ninety Nines

Flying Companion Seminar

Registration includes breakfast, lunch, all-day snacks & beverages and take-home class binder.
FCS Registration Qty.
   Flying Companion Seminar @ $99.00 ea.

Saturday, August 26, 2017
8:30am to 4:00pm

At Trade Winds Aviation ~ Reid-Hillview (KRHV)

Check-in starts at 8:00; come early for coffee and donuts!

Flying Companion Topics include:

  • Feelings About Flying: how to feel more comfortable in the cockpit
  • Aerodynamics: how and why a plane flies
  • Radio procedures: how to use the radios and about emergency frequencies
  • Navigation: how to read charts and help navigate.
  • Preflight: what is the purpose and how to do one on an actual airplane.
  • Aviation Instruments: what those gauges can tell you.
  • Checklists: what are they for and how can the passenger help with them.
  • Medical Facts for Pilots
  • Fun Places to Fly

Upon completion of this seminar, your companion will very likely enjoy flying more and will definitely be able to help you in the cockpit.

For Mail-In Reg or More Info
call: Brittany

email: SCV99s